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Areas of Practice


Car accident injuries can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. If it happens to you, be sure you speak to an attorney as soon as possible. The insurance company’s only goal is to deprive you of proper compensation for your injuries. Mr. Clark knows how to handle the insurance companies and outstanding settlements. If your case requires litigation, our team is ready to take your case to trial.


If you have suffered the tragedy of losing a family member, call today for an immediate consultation with our trial lawyer. 24/7 availability.


Sometimes the products we purchase from stores or online malfunction causing serious injury. If you were hurt by a defective product, call for a specialized consultation about your rights against the product manufacturer and retailer. Remember to always save the original product for the lawyer.


When a business opens itself up to the public it has a duty to take reasonable measures to make sure the open areas are safe. Dangerous conditions are unacceptable and present a threat to the community. Slip and fall cases require aggressive representation to be successful.


Mr. Clark has built a reputation on handling cases against negligent beauty spas conducting alternative face-lift procedures such as “Ultherapy” and other laser-based devices. Although many of these procedures can be done safely, when they are attempted by unqualified staff or owners, there is a danger of causing harm to the patient. Call today to discuss your options if you were hurt due a spa’s or doctor’s negligence.


If you get hurt at work you may be entitled to compensation even if your employer did not engage in negligence. This is because there is insurance in place that is designed to protect injured workers. Do not miss what may be your only opportunity for compensation for a workplace injury.