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Insurer Pays $750,000 To Settle Ultherapy Negligence Case

Nathaniel Clark secured a $750,000 settlement following extensive litigation of a medi-spa negligence case where the plaintiff suffered severe facial injuries due to the negligent application of Ultherapy by a medical spa located in Southern California. Ultherapy is a handheld device that uses ultrasound rays to disrupt the underlying facial skin to allegedly stimulate the new production of collagen to make consumers look younger. Due to the power of ultrasound technology, extreme caution must be taken when using the Ultherapy device on anyone’s face. If improper power levels are incorrectly applied, scar-inducing burning can occur.

The plaintiff in this case suffered severe facial scars from the misapplication of the device. The defendant spa held itself out as a reputable business with professionals capable of safely performing the Ultherapy “alternative face-lift” procedure under doctor supervision. Unfortunately, the spa did not actually have any doctor supervision and the owner of the salon instead conducted Ultherapy on the plaintiff without proper training. There is a serious problem in Southern California of unscrupulous medi-spas performing dangerous procedures without proper training or supervision. If you have been hurt due to a salon’s negligence, call Nathaniel Clark at Injury Esquire today for a free consultation.

Nathaniel Clark