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Nathaniel Clark


If you are hurt in a car accident the first thing you should do is call a personal injury attorney. Contacting a lawyer before you call the insurance companies—including your own insurer—is important because the insurance companies care only about their bottom line. Injury Esquire will handle the insurance companies for you and will pursue your case for maximum compensation.


If you have suffered the tragedy of losing a family member, call now for immediate access with our trial lawyer. 24/7 availability.


Even products from reputable manufacturers can malfunction causing serious injury. If you were hurt by a defective product, call for a specialized consultation about your rights against the product manufacturer and retailer. Remember to always save the original product and packaging for the lawyer including warnings and instructions.


Have you been wronged by a company’s bad faith dealings? Harassed by debt collectors? Perhaps a company caused you economic injury by misrepresenting its services. Federal and State laws exist to protect consumers against predatory corporations. Injury Esquire has a proven history of litigation against major corporations and can evaluate your case.


If you are an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger who was injured you require a personal injury attorney with experience litigating against the ride share companies. Call Injury Esquire for a free analysis of your insurance options. Many victims of Uber or Lyft car accidents do not realize that there may be insurance available to cover their medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages.


If you get hurt at work you may be entitled to compensation even if your employer did not engage in negligence. This is because there is insurance in place that is designed to protect injured workers. Do not miss what may be your only opportunity for compensation for a workplace injury.

slip & Fall

Companies that open theirs doors to the public have a duty to maintain a safe premises. If a business fails to keep safe floors or creates some other hazard that leads to an injury you may be entitled to compensation. Call today. No fee unless you win.


Has an insurance company wrongfully denied you coverage or committed a different injustice? Insurers have a duty of good faith and fair dealing to their customers. Contact Injury Esquire for a free case evaluation to determine if the insurance company breached its duties to you.


Mr. Clark applies his philosophy of leverage based litigation to successfully resolve business disputes. In a business dispute, you want an attorney who will go the distance. Unlike other attorneys, Mr. Clark will only accept your case if he believes he can help you succeed.