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Medi-Spa Negligence



Southern California has a problem of unregulated medical beauty salons. The issue often arises when a doctor allows a spa owner to use the doctor’s license to purchase high-end anti-aging equipment, including laser or heat based devices. The unlicensed salon owner is then allowed to run a business that normally would require a doctor’s oversight and training without any such supervision.

These unlicensed salon owners hold themselves out as professionals capable of safely applying the medical device therapy. Unfortunately, these procedures can be dangerous. Laser and ultrasound based equipment can severely damage the skin if improperly applied. If the operator is not well-trained this can result in life changing consequences for the customers such as severe burning resulting in permanent scars, marks, discoloration, and a variety of other terrible symptoms.

It is extremely important to verify that any business that holds itself as qualified to administer these treatments is actually qualified and licensed to perform the procedures. You cannot rely on city inspectors.

Many people ask - “What do I do if I get hurt or burned at a salon?” The best thing to do is seek immediate medical treatment. Do not let the salon self treat you for their own negligence without also consulting with an independent medical professional. Secondly, it is important to contact an attorney to evaluate your potential case and legal options. Many businesses and salons have insurance policies that exist to protect injured customers when accidents like this happen. You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Also, many people do not realize that they may be entitled to compensation for the scars and marks they have suffered.

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